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Artist Books in collaboration with Harriet Tarlo

These artist books are all published by Wild Pansy Press and are available from their website


neverends: poems and paintings Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker


This book reflects on the holiday chalets on the Humberston Fitties. Here, since between the wars, local people and visitors have erected their diverse dwellings, in order to enjoy the simple, restorative pleasures of seaside life. They explore past and present of the chalets and the uncanny transformations of the chalets that take place after hours as well as notions of play, restoration, vulnerability, occupation and emptiness. The work considers, in the shadow of recent dramatic political changes, how notions of place and identity are constructed on domestic and larger scales, as reflected by the play on flags and other indications of Englishness. Wild Pansy Press 2018 Edition 250. 148 x 148 mm 34 pages


outfalls: poems and drawings, Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker,


Wild Pansy Press, 2018. Edition 250. 148 x 105 mm. 34 pages.

Outfalls is a collaboration between Judith Tucker (drawings) and Harriet Tarlo (texts) reflecting on the life of the Louth Navigation in North East Lincolnshire. They first encountered the canal at its outfall at Tetney Haven on the Humber Estuary. From here they traced the canal back to Louth and became fascinated in its past, present and future, the people who live there, and its blend of natural and cultural features which, in microcosm, reflect many global and national issues related to place, environment and heritage


behind land: poems and paintings, Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker,


Wild Pansy Press, 2015. Edition 100. 105 x 296 mm 16 pages

 This book comprises a selection of paintings and poems from the series: behind land, and is an extension of a collaborative commission funded by the Arts Council and curated by Linda Ingham as Excavations and Estuaries. The work responds to a part of the North East Lincolnshire coast that might be considered the epitome of a landscape in which the human and non-human are interconnected and entwined. It is a place that invites questions about what is natural, and what is unnatural.


sound unseen: poems and drawings, Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker,


Wild Pansy Press, 2013. Edition 250. 105 x 148 mm 36 pages

Between 2011 and 2013 , poet Harriet Tarlo and visual artist Judith Tucker collaborated on a series of walks, drawings and poems around the cloughs and becks of the Holme River in West Yorkshire. Their work conveys a sense of the symbiotic shaping of land and water both by each other and by human interventions, as well as their own conversations with the landscape and with each other. This book contains drawings and poems from this project.

From Shearsman Press: 

Gathering Grounds

Here Harriet Tarlo presents a collection of place-based work emerging from three collaborative projects that took place between 2011-2019 in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Reminiscent of her early long poem, Nab, this work emerges from what could be described as fieldwork, poetry based on walking through, and engaging with place. This poetry also emerges from and touches on collaboration, always with the artist Judith Tucker, but also with people who live in and visit the areas concerned. Up until this moment, these have been pieces in flux, from which shorter texts have been extracted for numerous exhibitions. Many of the longer pieces have been read at openings and poetry readings. Here, for the fi rst time, they can be seen as a body of work. In a changing world, with an ever-deepening sense of environmental crisis, it is important to attend to the local and the specific, and this work speaks to that need.

Thanks so much to to Anne Elvey and Anne Carson for this really detailed review of our our books in the Australian journal Plumwood Mountain.

"Tucker and Tarlo bring a shared poetic vision to their artistic undertaking, which flows through each dimension of their project and is visible in the created artefact – books of rare and vibrant beauty which, precious themselves, emphasise the preciousness – and worthiness of protection – of these environments and the communities who care about them. They will appeal not just to these local communities but to others interested in ecopoetic artists’ books."

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