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Outfalls is included in the First Biennial Sino-B

Outfalls was selected as one of the British exhibitors in the First Biennial Sino-British Contemporary Art Exhibition in two venues in Yantai, China.

The exhibition brought together contemporary artists from China and the U.K whose work is engaged with issues of landscape and place.

Ten pairs of drawings and poems translated into Mandarin by Zheng Zhaomei were exhibited in two venues. Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker were invited to take part in an academic seminar chaired by Wang Nanming, the Director of the Shanghai Himalayas Museum and to work with a primary school. A live performance of the poetry took place in the gallery space in collaboration with Zheng Zhaomei. Judith Tucker gave a lecture at Yantai University in which she discussed Outfalls in the wider context of Landscape, Place and Environment in Contemporary British Art. . YANTAI ART MUSEUMS | CHINA Yantai Art Museum and Yantai City Art Museum, Shandong Province, China

Exhibition dates: 25 September – 12 October 2018

Curators: Kath Wood | Kaavous Clayton | Zhang Shuo

Academic Host: Wang Nanming, the Director of the Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Exhibiting Artists:

Amanda Ansell | Neil Bousfield | Simon Carter | Ben Coode Adams | Anne-Marie Creamer | Laura Gray Street | Chris Dobrowolski | Annabel Dover | Susan Gunn | Ruth Philo | Stuart Bowditch | Harriet Tarlo | Judith Tucker

Cong Ruri | Cao Jigang | Wang Keju | Yan Ping | Pan Shiqiang | Zhangwang | Wang Yongguo | Han Zhongren | Zhanglei Fangbai | Zhu Yancun | Ziang Yong an | Xu Xuejie | Dong Guihan | Wang Gang | Wang Lijun | Jing Yuchao | An Xiaotong | Du Xiaotong | Tang Yin | Yang Cheng | Chen Yu | Wang Wen | Cao Yun | Ding Hao | Ouyang Sulong Supported by the British Council UK-China Connections through Culture Scheme

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