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Shortlisted for Jackson's Open Painting Prize 2019

I am delighted to have had a painting selected for the shortlist in Jackson’s Open Painting Prize 2019.

The painting They'd have a party and everyone could go is one of the Night Fitties series

This work is in the top 1% of the competition; it is one of the 45 successful entries, that have been carefully selected from 5366 international submissions.

I have worked since 2013 on and with a contested coastal community on one of the U.K.'s last existing plotlands, the Humberston Fitties in North East Lincolnshire. Here, since between the wars, local people and visitors have erected their diverse dwellings, in order to enjoy the simple, restorative pleasures of seaside life. This series explores the play of light and dark and the uncanny transformations of the chalets that take place after hours as well as notions of vulnerability, occupation and emptiness. The work considers, in the shadow of recent dramatic political changes, how notions of place and identity are constructed on domestic and larger scales, as reflected by the play on flags and other indications of Englishness.

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