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Prosaic Mosaic: a survey of new painting. Bloc Projects, Sheffield, October, 2019

Thanks so much to curators Sean Williams, Bryan Eccleshall and Katya Robin for including Dark Marsh: cord grass in this group show.

Part of the evolving Prosaic series, PROSAIC MOSAIC is a group exhibition of paintings to be held at Bloc Projects, Sheffield, 22 - 26 Oct 2019 .

The exhibition features small works from over fifty artists. Seen together, the varied works form a larger picture - a mosaic of contemporary painting practice.

Using a prosaic definition of painting - ‘pigment on substrate’ - has allowed the curators to showcase a diverse range of approaches to making. The way the work is displayed will trigger connections between the paintings.

The show brings together work by noted painters from across the UK, Ireland and beyond with artists from the curators’ home in Sheffield. The curators are keen to present exciting work regardless of the artists’ perceived status. Equal standing is given to work from artists at all career stages, from students to prize-winners.

The exhibition programme includes a Painters’ Forum event which will be open to the public, providing a platform for critique and conversation. This will be held on Saturday 26 Oct between 2-4pm.

PROSAIC MOSAIC will contribute to and develop connections within the already vibrant art scene in the city.

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