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Human: Nature at Linden Hall Studio 2021

Human:Nature brings together seven painters, all of whom make paintings that could be considered, in part, to be a contemplation of our relationship with nature. How we experience it, our impact on it, and ways in which we understand and make sense of it. How can a painting be a response to these concerns, rather than something that is an attempt at overt depiction - a ‘landscape painting’ - in the traditional sense? The paintings in this exhibition range from works that can be seen as a response to the natural world in some form, to works that use ideas of ‘landscape’, or ‘nature’, as an armature to hang the painting on, or a vehicle for, the artists’ own personal concerns.

Simon Carter Sam Douglas Joanna Whittle Paula MacArthur David Ainley Judith Tucker t Joe Packer

Exhibition continues Tuesday - Saturday 10am-4pm until 7 August

Linden Hall Studio 32, St Georges Road Deal, Kent, CT14 6BA

More information here


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