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Silent Disco: Greystone Industries 2021

Silent Disco: Group Show curated by Graham Crowley Greystone Industries, Wickham Market, UK

29 August - 10 September 2021

‘A Silent Disco is one in which all the participants are all listening to a track of their choosing on head phones - ie. all dancing to a different tune. Kill the DJ’ - Graham Crowley SILENT DISCO 29 August - 10 September By Appointment Only Greystone Industries Wickham Market Suffolk Edwin Aitken•Matilda Beavan•Terry Bond•Kate Bowen•Graham Chorlton•Lara Cobden•Graham Crowley•Sally Crowley•Rosalind Davis•Karen Densham•Rob Dunt•Geraint Evans•James Faure Walker•Sam Jackson•Robin Mason•Clare Mitten•Kate Murdoch•Ruth Murray•Gilbert Sills•Andy Stahl•John Stark•Kate Terry•Josh Thomson•Judith Tucker•Dina Varpahovsky•Joanna Whittle•Simon Willems•Glynn Williams

Dark Marsh: roots 30 cm x 40 cm 2020

SILENT DISCO: Curator Tour by Graham Crowley


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