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WHERE WE LIVE. The social landscape of England explored in paintings. ALAN BAXTER GALLERY 2021

Alan Baxter Gallery, 77 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL

All visits must be pre-booked.

To visit the Private view BOOK HERE

To visit the exhibition BOOK HERE

Where We Live is an artist-curated exhibition of paintings that explore overlooked and under-regarded aspects of England today. Five artists give intense scrutiny to five locations across England in paintings that offer a concentrated and often critical perspective on the country's social landscape at a time of profound political and social change.

* the all-but-erased history of post-industrial mining villages in Northumberland

* a large-scale housing estate in Sheffield in transition to luxury flats

* bringing a modernist colour perspective to bear on depicting residential architecture in Leeds

* contested coastal chalet plotlands in North Lincolnshire, whose history goes back to the 1930s

* recovering everyday urban experience of the street and the notion of home from the commodification of the London property market

See the Press Release here

Where We Live has been initiated by Trevor Burgess, whose collaborative projects as an artist-curator explore the contemporary practice of painting and its social context. The London launch at Alan Baxter Gallery will be followed by a national tour, opening at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield Museums on Saturday 15 January 2022.

Artists: Trevor Burgess, Jonathan Hooper, Mandy Payne, Narbi Price and Judith Tucker.

In partnership with Contemporary British Painting


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